God of war 2 Grafic Bug
My Pc setup:
I7 920 2.60 OC to 3.2
Grafic card: Asus EAH 9800
memory 6 giga

Emu Version

I am using pcsx2 0.9.8 4600 with Vu cycle to 2 and the raccomanded speedhacks.

Grafic Problem:

During the pegasus Fight on the island of creation against the Dark Rider Guy with the big purple lance the whole background become white, is like the the white screen before starting the fight with him dont disappear and remain on top of the true blackground, if i press x and charge ahead i can see on the side the true blackground, I tried everything, use native in hardware. change to software mode, enable cheats, enable off set hack, alpha hack, cheats, disable all the speed hacks, dont matter what i do the real blackground if covered by the white loading blackgrounde, any idea? is this a know problem/bug atm not fixed?

Thanks for help

I would like to post some screens, but after i use shift-f8 for take screens, and try to upload the btm file, seems is too big for attach it.. -.-

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this is so not known problem and i am very suspicious that it related to your hardware Sad

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