God of war 2 cant move (unexpected mpeg error)

I have a problem with god of war 2 . After i dealt with Theseus (the intro video i had to skip) then you need to use the Horse Keeper's Key to unlock the doorway and enter inside the structure. You'll use the key once more then the game freezes . The console says 'unexpected mpeg error' . i already searched the forum and could find anything that helped. I tried a lot with the patch browser: mpeg skip and replaced 'placetopath' from 1 to 0 but didn't work

if someone could help me that would be awesome Laugh (srry for my english)

my specs :

3Gb ram
Intel Quad core 2.4 Ghz
Nvideo gforce 8400 256mb
windows 7

here is an image of were i am stuck

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I wanna thank everyone who helped me solve this problem wich was NO ONE.
i finally found the solution thanks to NO ONE

donwload a new god of war iso and make sure its NTSC
also download the latest pcsx2 beta

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