God of war 2 freeze
I play god of war 2 and kill some guy... i go to next level and it just freeze http://sharesend.com/267vg here at this place and just saying loading... loading... and song is there just i cant move and i cant do anything... i turn of speedhack and other stuff... this is first time to i get freeze while i have played gow2

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the guy who read the book !

this is very strange perhaps your game is not original so it have corruptted video !

can i fix it somehow ? and im not very good at english to know
The game is DVD9 and maybe you didn't make the image of it correctly(if you are playing from iso).
Try creating the image with ImgBurn

You may also try to play it from the disk,to see if the same thing happen
I have imgburn but how to make image with imgburn... i dont know to do with imgburn.And what disk did you mean ?
(12-16-2011, 06:39 PM)Cleveland Wrote: And what disk did you mean ?
Your original disk of the game,what else.
(12-16-2011, 06:39 PM)Cleveland Wrote: I have imgburn but how to make image with imgburn... i dont know to do with imgburn.
How did you played till now if you don't know how to make the image,with what did you create the image or you played from the disk till now?

Put the disk in the tray=>start ImgBurn=>use either "Create image from disk" button or Mode=>Read=>Choose the destination and click on the big button below...that's all

The use Linuzappz ISO to load the image because I may be wrong or maybe this problem is already fixed,but I think there was some problem with the internal ISO loader and DVD9 games

BTW your thread is not for this forum...how exactly this is "Site Related Questions and Feedback"
I play with iso on pc with pcsx2 and it just stop in game while i have played and all time now stop in same place
I said what was needed to be said...and also you can post the console log when the game freeze

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