God of war 2 problems
I just downloaded God of War 2 and moved it to my BIOS directory; But when I go to my PCX2 and click Configure, I don't see God of War 2 in the BIOS selection thing on the bottom right. I'm a major noob at this so if somone could please help me that would be great.

Also, the file format of God of War 2 is ISO. I mounted it useing daemon tools just to see what would happen and there was a lot of files on the ISO. I copied and pasted all of them to a new folder and called it God of War 2. The two biggest files were (SCES_542.06) which is a (06 file), and the other one is (PART1.PAK) which is a (PAK) file.

[Image: GodofWar2CD.jpg]

[Image: PCX2BIOS.jpg]

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Downloaded game in screenshot...

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