God of war 2 says Loading and is stuck there
Hey guys,i just finished the part where you kill that barbarian boss(in the bog of the forgotten)after you leave the area the Loading shows up and nothing happens after that.i have disabled all speedhacks and all and put to native resolution
and also when my blade of athena comes to lvl 3 it becomes invisible :|

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Hi,man!Just wait a little!I also play this game!If i get the level that you mean,i'll tell you what we have to do)))Just wait!And,during the playing this game,always use F1 button(save game) and F3(load episode),which without "loading".It helps you faster save the game...
@ Azizkhan

Thats nosense,using savestates is know to break some games

@ tariq9112003

As i stated above,disable all speedhacks,and dont use savestates just load trough the internal save/load mode also use the latest pcsx2 beta
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