God of war at low FPS
Hello, I'm sure you got fed up of seing GOW problems, but i really need your help.

My GOW iso is...playable, kinda slow though, and I've no idea why.

My PC specs and emu settings have been posted to my older threads, so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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A c2q 2.6ghz is not fast enough for the game. Also, try using 0.9.7 beta if you have yet to do so, and perhaps play around with the speed hacks. If you have already tried all that, the option you have left is either upgrade your pc or play the game with ps2 instead.
AMD Athlon II 245 @ 3.55ghz, 9600GT @730mhz 1115mhz, vista sp2 32bit
played gow ntsc on c2d 6400 2,13 ghz with very good speed.
just enable the speedhacks. never had a bug.
use the older r1888 beta with plugin pack from march 2010!!!

speedhacks i used:
use x2 cycle rate
intc sync hack
iop x2 cycle rate
idle loop
status flag hack
vu cylce @ experimental

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