God of war has no shadows in hardware mode (both OpenGL and Direct3d)
The title pretty much explains it, when I play the game on hardware mode some effects seem to be missing such as shadows and some fog in certain levels, when I switch to software those effects are present. However, software runs horribly, and since hardware runs on the GPU (afaik), I'm sure my card can handle some extra effects, but they just don't show up. I've searched already about this and I've seen people telling that enabling some sort of "Depth" setting would fix this issue and the shadows would come back, but, this setting appears nowhere to be found, and I don't know how else I can restore the shadows on Hardware mode, does anyone knows a way to fix this issue?

What's weird about this is that there was this time when Pcsx2 crashed, and when I booted up the game, hardware mode had shadows on for that time (I didn't remember to check if it was really hardware mode, but it ran very smoothly, so I assume it was hardware, otherwise the game would be slow as hell), but the next time I opened the game, they were gone and I wasn't able to get them back.

EDIT: I found it! turns out it was the "CRC Hack Level" setting. It's when it's set to "Aggressive" that shadows and fog don't show up, anything other than that enables them.

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Make sure you're using the latest dev build. I'm running the latest dev build with OpenGL and the shadows display just fine

Windows 11 64 bit OS
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