God of war stutters
i am using PCSX2 0.9.8 (r4600) and my game stutters in random location specifically when running and sprinting while its running in 60 fps without enabling any speed hack if i disable frame limiter that terminate the stutters but the game speed is not normal any solution ?
My system specs :
Core i7 2600k
Gtx 560 TI 2GB
Asus P8z68 V PRO
8GB DDR3 1600

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Only one: don't use speedhack which causes it.Tongue And if you need it for speed, try MTvu speedhack instead, it's only in svn version of pcsx2 through, but generally gives nice effects with GOW series.
Also if you're using the DVD disc try creating an ISO image of it and run that instead
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stuttring yo mean fake FPS make VU cycling lower than 3 ( 2 )

but if you mean blinking kratos download latest SVN from home page

and give MTVU speed hack a try Wink
i mean micro stutter when kratos running its like the game skips a frame and then continue and gets jumpy i dont use speed hack so its not fake fps and game is running 60 fps i tried svn and MTVU but no difference frame skipping is also disabled and i run the game from a iso on my hard disk.
you have I7 2600K and 560 ti it is just not right to have such a low speed !

high performance power plan maybe ?

try to lower internal resolution maybe it is toooooo high ?

disable any AA too Wink
Do you have Vsync enabled (GS Window options)?
Try it with it enabled and disabled, could help.
it was disabled but as you said i enabled it and the stutter is pretty gone now i can play God of war in 4x native resolution and it looks amazing.
No prob, enjoy Smile
V-Sync / D3Doverrider helps me with the stutter in Xenosaga as well, however, performance drops even when my GPU isn't in full use, or my CPU, and I don't really use any speed hacks but MTVU. Alas, that is life. Tongue
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