God of war texture wall
[Image: pcsx2r47820090213115517fs2.jpg]
[Image: w720.png]
Any fix yet? Unsure
During first few chapters it wasnt a big problem, but now its almost unplayable

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I have same problem too
Yes , I too .
Try software mode. But do not complain about the speed Smile
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ItsDX9 bug,Use DX10 renderer to watch through tis wall, or suffer from DX9 or software
Ninja(NGemu nickname: xcedf)Ninja
So is theRebeverbgoin to be a fix or patch put out to fix this for dx9 bc I really don't plan on paying a ridiculous price for vista or windows 7
Holy crap I should read what I write I meant to say "is there ever going to be...
Very unlikely. But the good news is that Vista isn't ridiculously expensive Smile
Vista is rediculously useless. And this texture wall still looks ugly
You people do not seem to understand this.
With directx10, as it is now, it works
With directx9 it doesn't

Simple as that, you don't have dx10, sorry, play another game. It's not like we do this on purpose you know...
The wall itself and its positioning is an emu code bug and whether it transparent or not depends on Gabest and his DX9, DX10 etc... Am i right? So we just have to ask Gabest to make it invisible (oh, sometimes i'm just getting amazed about my emulation understanding Laugh )

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