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Always from time to time I give the updates a go to see where things are heading. And you seem to get somewhere. These two Godzilla ISOs I have sitting around are my test base ( well including a Zoids ISO which is even nastier ). These two are tough nuts for the emulator and a good way to test. Now with the newest versions I had some positive surprises. The two games now go past the intro sequences and into the Main menu. Starting the game itself though leads to a crash but this is further than any other build of the emulator so far went. The Zoids one still doesn't even show an intro. If you can crack this one I'd say you have most problems fixed Laugh . Keep up the good work.

Now concerning the crash I think it's the emulator not a plugin but there is not much output from the windows build. Would this be the Linux build then this would be something else but since you have no more 64-bit I can't be much of help I think. If there is though a way to get some infos out of the windows build which would be of help to you just tell me and I see what I can do.

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Good to see pcsx2 is still progressing at a steady pace.
I tried to give it a little GDB session but it's difficult to get anything useful out of it... in fact it's not possible. SIGSEGVs all over the place and since they are part of your trick to do the memory paging the debugger goes crazy Laugh . But it's definitely crashing on one of those SIGSEGVs which should do the paging trick. But more I can't get out of this executable. But with that I guess I won't be telling you much news Wink

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