Goggle Glitch? - Metal Gear Solid 3
Playing MGS 3 Subsistence, and for the most part it runs great. Some slowdowns here and there, but nothing horrible. I did notice that when using the NV Goggles, the screen still looks the same, but a little darker. Dark areas aren't amplified at all.

When using the Thermal Goggles, the screen still looks the same, but all the heat signatures are grey, including Snake. Is this a known issue?

I'm using version 1.0, with all the current plugins. GSdx with Direct3d 11. Doesn't seem to have much affect whether I use any graphic enhancement or not. Speed hacks are all at default.

Main Specs are: Phenom II x4 at 3.8Ghz
Nvidia GTX550 TI
16GB DDR3 Ram

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try to use software rendering
Well, it works in Software mode, but the game runs slower than garbage. Think I'll just stick with DX11 Hardware, and live with the grey color.

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