Good Evening, Need some help
Ok, going to try to put all the needed information into this first post

Trying to run Star Ocean 3 on PCSX2

Specs :
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual 4.2
Nvidia Geforce 6600 VE
3Gb Ram

Emulation Settings:
EE :Recompiler
IOP : Recompiler
Round Mode: Chop/Zero
Clamping Mode: Normal
Flush to Zero CHECKED
Denormal are zero CHECKED
VU0: superVU (tried also microVU)
VU1: superVU (tried also microVU)
Round and Clamping as on EE/IOP

GS Plugin settings : Played with most of it, set to defaults

SPU2-X Settings: Default

EE% always 95%+. FPS sits above 30, which is not an issue for me anyways. GS is the problem here, never rising above 25% unless i'm in menu's or graphically low areas
The game sound is synced and always slows to match the GS. IU sticks to 1-4%, but from what I gather, it's not an issue.

During play, FPS limiter has no effect, the speedhack either tweaked any way.

This comes up during playback, might be something?

HLE Warning: ELF does not have a path!!

As i was writing this and going through options, I switched my GS to software now EE sits at 30% and GS at 100%.. I'll play around a bit more but any input is appreciated

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Uh... so what's your problem/issue/inquiry? :P
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if your FPS is your problems then it's your video card is holding your back
better change you video card now to Nvidia 460~ or 560~ or Ati HD 57xx~ or HD 67xx~
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that FPS value leads to think you have VSynch (vertical Synchronization) enabled in your video card, force off it at Nvidia Control Panel.

Now, EE at 95% is normal with that game and some parts get slow without actual speed hacks (you posted none).

Now, the real problem there is video card, sorry but it's too old to run intensive 3D games, even PC native ones, let alone emulated. Still, with some speed hack and low internal resolution (possibly native resolution) things will be lighter on it.
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I think you're confused about what the gs and ee percentages mean...check it out in the gsdx section of the config guide
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Must admit the EE and GS percentages arent very clear, sorry. I'll read over it again.

About the GPU, mine was listed as working good in the "will it run slow" thread, but I'm not surprised. Was just looking for any optimization tips.
The main issue Is the game slows down ALOT during scenes. As mentioned I know it wont be perfect, just some tuning.

Thanks for the replies, I'll keep tweaking and play with it. Will try the Vsync.
Again, thanks


\ Edit: Vsync Off, Native Res, 8bit Enabled, Frame Skipping 2:2, Speed hack EE-3, VU-2 : Game rolls out 45+ fps constant, apart from intense cut scenes, Although with quite a bit of stuttering graphics. Not Excellent but entirely playable.
Again Thanks for the input guys

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