Good FPS but bad fluidity
That is. The emulator runs 100% all time, 60 fps or 30 (depends on the game) BUT doesn't seem to run full speed the time. The sensation it's like it had the frameskip activated. But it is off. It looks like it runs 60 fps for 2 second and the next 2 seconds were running 30. Frametime inconsistency i suppose? but full speed all the time.

My specs:

Ryzen 7 4800H
GeforceĀ  Gtx 1650 4 GB
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Pcsx2 1.6.0

The basic configuration is on default. I have tried directx 11 and Open Gl, also tried native resolution but it happens the same. Can u help me with this? Thanks.

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