Good Framerate, but laggy game?

following problem:

I tried to play "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2" and "Bloody Roar3"...The Framerate are always 40-50fps. (good value, isn't it?)

Now my question, why the games run sooo laggy?

My System: 2,4 DualCore, Geforce8600m gt, 4gig Ram --- My CPU is @ 70% if the game is running.

Hope any1 can help.

Greetings from germany, maeldanus

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hmm,, there must be lots of other applications running on your pc?
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Turn off Vsync in the graphics options if you have it enabled.

Normal PS2 speeds for PAL games are 50 FPS and 60 FPS for NTSC, so 40 FPS would be slower than normal.

Try the latest public beta (r1888) and experiment with speed hacks.

The CPU usage according to the title bar actually refers to the graphics card utilization, so it appears to be your CPU that is holding you back. Unless the 70% CPU usage you are talking about is from Task Manager, in which case it might be the graphics card holding you back.

i will try a few things - thanks.

Which Grafic-Plugin u prefer?? I used gsdx but haven't the menu in bloody Roar for example.

So i switched to Zerogs, et voila, the menu is there.

Got any speedhacks on? They cause problems like that.
Also try and get GSdx working. With ZeroGS you'll have tons of problems and low fps.
I think in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2's case, it just can't be run smoothly yet. I am able to run it a 58 to 60fps but most of the time it dips below 45 fps. There's no difference even if I turn on all the speedhacks (Except VU cycle stealing. I never use that hack since it only tends to give me higher fps with slow motion gameplay)
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I think it can also be caused by a game's internal frame skipper. Shadow of the Colossus is an example, where the game will skip frames so that you can achieve a better framerate, but even though it has maximum frame rate, the game is choppy and not smooth. I'm not sure what games have this feature, probably only the ones that pushed the console's limits.
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Using speedhacks with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is a no go as it just makes the game choppy. It runs smooth with them off(in my case)
I think that your processor is holding you down because i play wwe smackdown here comes the pain on 59.94 fps and it is perfect(except when playing with four players fps decrease to 50)
I have geforce 8600 ,2gb ram 800 ddrII but I have the core2duo [email protected] ghz,1333 fsb and 6 mb l2 cache
So i think you should buy a new processor not just for pcsx2 but also for COD6,fifa2010,NFS Shift,and other new games
I had the same problems with rumble roses Fps is always 60 but the game was laggy as hell
so I changed my gsdx to 1372 and viola!!!!!!!! it worked although fps dropped to 50-45 but it was good enough for me no more lag and speed is good try finding the perfect gsdx for your games cuz many of my games uses different versions of gsdx

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