Good PS2 games that aren't too demanding?
Yeah so I tried Metal Gear solid 2, which was awesome, but it lags a little too much to really enjoy.

I tried Resident Evil 4 (borrowed off my buddy), but the graphics gives me hella headaches - it's like old style Quake or something, doesn't go well with my neuro processor.

GTA San Andreas was good, but I get this constant shadow effect on the screen, which is also a bit of a joy kill.

So, looking for decent games that aren't too demanding that I can enjoy.

Mortal kombat or something, are they processor heavy?

Throw a few names at me.
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I would recommend Naruto ultimate ninja series if, you watch the anime.
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Most RPGs aren't too demanding. But yeah the list jesalvein post is a good place to start.
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