Got error SS401 at windows XP
Help me . my pc is nvidia gforce 7800 Gt , compatible at play Street Fighter 4 smoothly . but cannot play this emu . i'm already update the direct X 9C using net yesterday . help me

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We need more info, what's your CPU? what's your pcsx2 settings? what exactly do you mean by "cannot play"?
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You'll have to give a bit more information than that... Mainly PCSX2 version, what plugins you're using, what your CPU is, and what games.

As a side note: Playing SF4 smoothly means nothing when emulating PS2 games... especially since that isn't a very demanding game at all (I get it running 60fps at 1080p on my rig, but a lot of PS2 games I struggle to get 40-50fps at 720p)

(edit) Blah, Shadow lady beat me to the punch.
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You being able to play SF4 doesn't mean that you're able to play a PS2 emulator. It's been said a lot of times. The emulator requires much more than most PC games to run games fullspeed.

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