Got pcsx2 to work but all i get is a black screen
Hi everyone,

Well I followed the configuration guide and got the emulator to work (execute bios, also with a CDVD null driver )..But when I try to load FFX with Gigaherz's CDVD plugin and qith GSDX, all I get is a black screen that shows my resolution, frame rate etc. on top. Basically it's working okay, but somehow it doesn't start the game.

Did I do anything wrong?


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Rip your disc to an .iso file, i use MagicISO, and then switch to LinuzISO for your cd-rom plugin.

how long does it sit at the black screen? FFX loads to a black screen at first, not straight to any logos or icons, takes usually about 3-5 seconds before it will display for me.

also post more of your config for pcsx2, youve only got limited info Smile
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