Gpu question for pcsx2
so i have a 9500 gt overclock to 600 core clock and thats 4.8 pixels... im playing persona 3 fes i just started with the 3 characters and when i fight 3 to 4 monster my fps drops from 60-50 some said that persona 3 is somehow gpu dependent.. so.. if i overclock my gpu a little higher will it gives some fps boost? and can u give some help regarding the problem..

im using the latest gsdx from the current beta


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well... 50fps ain't bad. I suggest trying speedhacks.
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Try some speedhacks, also overclocking a weak card won't bring you those 10FPS missing (more like 1-2 if it's indeed a graphic card problem) Tongue2
What do the EE/GS % numbers in the titlebar of the GS/game window say when you get the slowdown?

And... stop spamming your persona 3 slowdown threads all over the place... just stick with one.
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well im using speedhacks... at 33% the usual setting of speedhack, so i cant get more speed...


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