Gradius 3&4 graphics errors /w FMV and game
There is graphics corruption while using hardware renderer. Video included. It works when switching to software.

When switched to software renderer it doesn't glitch.

FMV Video glitch

First level graphics errors when using hardware renderer.

The glitch is reproducible on multiple configurations (Nvidia and ATI hardware, latest). I've tried it on multiple computers. Happens in v1.0 as well as 0.9.8.

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you can't do anything about the glitch and just switch graphics type

btw the intro of final fantasy x-2 is glitchy and must be seen in software mode

now i am playing metal gear solid 3: snake eater. it takes place in a jungle. there are graphical glitches whenever there is a lake so i switch to software mode
there is a tick box under Emulation Settings -> Game fixes for "Switch to software mode during FMV'S2 Which will probably help you Smile at least with the video.

but to be honest, the game has such little demand, you may as well play it all in software mode.
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These glitches effect other more popular games in non-obvious places. I think it would be good to at least understand what is going on i.e. if you fix these glitches it will also help other games as well.

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