Gradius V and upgrading of current sys

I just tried to latest 0.9.6 PCSX2 with my gradius V. Most scenes are at full frame rate except near the boss, where it slows down for a while.

My current specs is:

C2D E4500 2.2ghz @ 3.3ghz
ATI x800 256mb
2gb ram

I wonder if there's a worthwhile speedup if I upgrade my graphics card and ram?

mabye say 2bg to 4b ram

changed to a 2nd hand ati2450 or GE 8600gt. they're quite cheap at 2nd hand.

lastly, how does sys requirement for MGS3 compare with gradius V? Is MGS3 much more demanding or similar.

tks alot!

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RAM won't make any difference at all...a better gfx card might give you a couple of frames but the one you're talking about isn't such a huge upgrade...
MGS3 is way way more demanding than gradius and you will probably get pretty low fps with your PC
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Yeah, your graphics card is a relic. Get 9800/4750 or better. Also your processor is fairly aged too, like a good wine. Get i7 or e8000* series
I don't think you should change your processor, it is good enough for decent emulation (except a few games like MGS 3) . E8*** are very expensive.

Go for the 8600 GT (it's better than the ATI card), it might give you more than just a few FPS if you use Win Vista or Windows 7 and of course Gsdx10. The speed difference can be very big sometimes (10-20 fps even) between Gsdx 9 and Gsdx 10.
The RAM upgrade will make absolutely ZERO difference for pcsx2.

By the way for Gradius V there seems to be some sort of emulation problem before bosses. I also get fullspeed in the game with my e7200 @ 3.6 Ghz, but I experience the exact same slowdown before bosses to around 30 fps Huh.
Most interesting fact is that e7200 @ stock speeds (2.53 ghz) still runs the game fullspeed, and have the same slowdown.
I guess it's just a pcsx2 problem, but it is not such a big deal since the drop in frame rate is for a short period, otherwise the game is very nicely playable.(Thank you PCSX 2 team for the monumental efforts Biggrin)

For MGS 3, I haven't tried it on the emulator, but from what I read around the forums (plenty of posts about this game), it is one of the most demanding games you could possibly try to emulate, and the only way for a near-fullspeed experience is to have a 4Ghz+ C2D, so if you can afford to upgrade to e8400 and overclock, that would be ideal.
(keep in mind you need a good Mobo that can do at least 444 FSB and a good deal of knowledge regarding OCing + a good cooler for the CPU).
i5 2500K @ 4.8 Ghz - 1.31 V
Asrock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3
4 GB Mushkin Radioactive 1600 mhz @ 1866 (8-10-8-27 1T)
ASUS DCU2 HD 6870 (1050/1196) @ 1.3V
Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 32bit
Ok thanks for the recommendation. I'll scout around for a better graphics card but doubt i'll change the cpu. ;-)

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