Gradius V help
Hi, i just started using PCSX2 and i am having an issue with Gradius V. I get major slowdown when the first boss appears other than that everything runs at a consistent 60FPS. I have tried various settings and enabled speed hacks but it still remains. I have a feeling it is due to hardware limitations. Thx

Intel Core i5
4gb ddr3
Intel HD graphics (latest drivers)

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Your intel HD onboard GPU crumbles at the heavy load those scenes cause. Only thing you could do to improve speed would be to check native in GSdx or just buy a dedicated graphics card. Your nice CPU is getting wasted with that onboard chip...
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Yeah, i did some more research and realized that its the hardware. Well at least NullDC and SSF run great. Next PC will be better. Thanks for the help i appreciate it.

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