Grafic Issues with 50cent bullet proof & Dirge of Cerberus
hi i have some grafic issues with this 2 games 50 cent bullet proof and Dirge of Cerberus,
the first one makes a green strip lines in the scenario 
[Image: 50cent?async&rand=0.8951194999213168]

the second game have some issues with the screen effects it only shows the half screen
[Image: doc1?async&rand=0.028871612403810643]
And some loading screens and sky effects
[Image: doc2?async&rand=0.7054500998839646]
[Image: doc3?async&rand=0.9547248651192446]

someone know how to fix this or some configuration for make it less ugly?

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Not a bug report, moving to support.

For 50 cent try using opengl and enable depth, maybe a bit of blending accuracy as well, also make sure your crc level is set to the opengl recommended.

For doc, software mode is the best solution for now
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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