Gran Turismo 3/4 pnach files do not work
Hi there

I'm new here, firstly I would like to say a big thank you to all the good folks who put this program together it's allowed me back in to my beloved PS2 games, for that I am very grateful.

After playing my old PS2 games for hours on end and having much fun my mind turned to the pnach cheat files, after all starting the game with lots of money was a great idea ! (even if it is cheating)

So I read tutorials carefully about creating the pnach cheat files and downloaded the software needed and created a pnach cheat file from some gameshark codes I got from the internet, I installed then where it told me to in the cheat folder, ticked the cheats option.. but nothing, when I load the game it's exactly where it was in terms of credits.

I have tried downloading one that's already made (changing the CRC to match) but still no joy.  I have gone through the instructions carefully on either game but just cannot get them to work !

Maybe they simply do not work with these games not sure, but could someone help do you think. ?

Using PCSX2 1.4.0
On Windows 7 SP1


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