Gran Turismo 3 A - Spec (PAL) 100% Playable.
Hi guys, Gran Turismo 3 runs very well in software mode, I have finished the license B - A and rally with no bugs, all tracks, etc.

PC Specs:

Core i5 [email protected]
MSI P55 GD65
Kingston DDR3 2x1GB 1333MHz
Radeon HD 4850 1GB

Here my configuration:

PCSX2 r3812

PCSX2 Core Config -

EE / IOP: Default Settings
VU's: Clamping Mode: Extra
GS: Default Settings
Speedhacks: Disabled
Gamefixes: None

[Image: pluginsselector.png]

Video GSdx Config:
[Image: gsdx.png]

Audio SPU2-X Settings:
[Image: spu2x.png]

FPS Min: 30
Max 50 FPS
Average FPS: 45 +


[Image: pcsx220100921122743401.jpg]

[Image: pcsx220100921122802722.jpg]

Salu2 =D
CPU: Core i7 4770k @ 3.9GHz.
GPU: Geforce GTX780 GHz (GK110-B1) @ v340.43 BETA.
SPU: X-Fi Titanium PCIe @ v11.2.40.0008 WHQL.
O.S: Windows 8.1.1 Pro x64.

Mi blog de emulación:

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Darkness Knight used the (software) renderer in GSdx to play so he didn't get the garbage screens or the slowdown at beginning you get and that's also the only solution I know for the garbage track.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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