Gran Turismo 3 Huge Lags
Good Day. I have installed pcsx emulator 0.9.6 on my PC. All pluguins have passed the tests. Following the guide I have configured all of them and mounted the game to virtual drive. At the start all works good. But in Intro video I hear like sound start to freeze on 1-2 sec. Then, in main menu lags become more harder. Menu switching is very slow, loading too. I've trided different ways to change configuration of video, sound(even disable), dvd rom, cpu. But at the end resolt is mostly same - or video runs hardy well, but sound freezes, or sound goes hardy well, but video has freezes and some defects. Still cannot understand what is the main problem.
My PC:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ ( 2.61Ghz )
2Gb RAM. Video: MSI Radeon X1650 Pro ( 1024Mb of Memory )
Windows 7 Beta

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Thanks for support dumbasses!!! >_<
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