Gran Turismo 3 Hybrid car modding guide
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Hi guys,

Thought I would put this together for anyone thats interested. This will explain how to extract the save file, using the Hybrid tool to mod cars then reload the save file
so PCSX2 will load it.

I used to do this on my ps2 using ARMAX to extract the save file to USB however using ARmax and other similar cheat discs ROMS on PCSX2 doesnt work to extract save files from .ps2, thus here is a work around to make .ps2 saves into the format we need to mod.

Step 1)
Download a Save file or use your own

Step 2) 
Download and install MyMC: (this will extract and convert .ps2 saves to ARmax save file format
(I had a few missing .DLL files I had to use which are listed on the link above)

Step 3)
Download Ps2 save builder (attached) (this will convert the ARmax save to .xps - which is required for the hybrid tool to modify)

Step 4) 
Download (attached) (this is the hybrid tool)

Step 5) 
Once you have finished making your changes to the cars, use MyMC to delete the saved file in the .PS2 then import the newly moded hybrid save back in.

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