Gran Turismo 3 [PAL] white screen issue
Hi I was hoping to get some help with this problem I've been having with GT3.

After playing for 2 or so hours I start to get a white screen when I change the oil, wash the car, buy or change car. the game runs fine I can hear everything and some text will come up. It's by no means an issue I just though it was worth mentioning.

Although what is an issue is pcsx2 will eventually crash, It's only ever done so during a race, I have no screen shots so I'll do my best to describe what happens before pcsx2 crashes.

During a race a large rectangle will appear on the top right of the screen and depending on if I'm steering left or right it will move left or right. Crazy I know lol, Then pcsx2 just closes and says pcsx2 has stopped working.

PC Specs -
        Operating System
            Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
            Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.40GHz
            Intel HD Graphics 4000

PCSX2 version 1.3.0.r5907

Emulation settings are

Preset 1 (Safest)
Speedhacks: MTVU checked

Video Plug-in settings are

Direct3D 11 (Sorftware)
Enabled shade boost
Enabled FXAA
Enabled FX Shader
Extra Rendering threads: 4
Enabled Edge Anti-Aliasing

Game is Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec [PAL] no idea if this happens in the NTSC version.

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What version of PCSX2 are you running?
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(08-21-2015, 04:20 PM)refraction Wrote: What version of PCSX2 are you running?

You must of missed it, It's PCSX2 version 1.3.0.r5907
Sorry, didn't see that!
That's a very old version, try a newer GIT build from the main website.
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No problem

Thanks I'll try a GIT build and let you know if I have any problems Smile

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