Gran Turismo 3 frame drops
After looking everywhere for hours today, I still haven't found anything that helps me solve this. I've been playing on Super Speedway to test the game's performance, and everything runs smoothly until I get to the main straight, where the game slows down to 30-40fps. I've used setups from the wiki, disabled blending accuracy, used EE cyclerates, played in native resolution and it's all the same.

I saw someone here who experienced the same but he got it fixed while it didn't work for me.

I'm running an i7 9750h @ 2.6-4.5GHz, an RTX 2070 and 16gb ram.

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Is there a specific track you're experiencing these frame drops? I played the Super Speedway and didn't notice any slow down, or frame drops at all
Windows 11 64 bit OS
Intel Core i7-10700
Geforce RTX 2060 6GB
It seems you're using a laptop, set the power plan to high performance and give it another go.
-PC Specs-
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MSI Armor Radeon RX580 8gb 
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-Laptop Specs-
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GTX 960m 4GB
Windows 10 Pro x64
(11-25-2020, 01:13 AM)belcyy Wrote: *snip*
I'm running an Intel Core i7-9750H @ 2.6-4.5GHz, a RTX 2070, and 16gb ram.

With this setup you really should not be having problems running this game at all. It must be as the other user said, it's the power plan, it must be set to performance.

To explain a bit better, the slowdowns to performance (for some baffling reason) comes from the sun object and lightpost's lights objects as well. when they're drawn on screen, the CPU tanks, I don't exactly know if it's because it's trying to calculate the alpha as accurate as possible or something else, but I know it's more specific of stages where you can see the sun and there's lightposts(added that with the cars headlights and everything goes down to the drain.

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