Gran Turismo 4 1080i
Hello there !

Yes I know, another GT4 1080i request. But this time I made some researches ! I have the NTSC version of the game, and I wanted to see how the game looked like in 1080i.
But as you may have already guessed it doesn't work properly. On the menues, the resolution is a steady 640x448, but when you start a race it switches to 576x480p, so not really what you can call 1080i... Moreover, well... just look by yourselves Tongue


And yes, this is the full window. So that you know : no speedhacks, EE Cycle Rate is normal, VU Cycle stealing is normal, every "recommended" stuff is checked, GSDx DirectX 11, native resolution, yes I've tried every other hardware rendering methods. Basically everything stock.

If you need any details, feel free to ask ! My PC should be in my signature Smile

Thanks !
[Image: fd18dd7b4511a368bdd432e6bc449f84.jpg]

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Yeah that's the 1080i mode. Each frame is 576x480, but interlaced, so it's 576x960i and they called it 1080i lol.

The game probably looks better in the 480p mode anyway, but I'm not sure which is best for pcsx2.
correct me if i am wrong but 1080i was also software upscaling, I pretty sure just boot the game normally and leting pcsx2 do 3/4x will result in better picture.
Actual PS2 doesnt render GT4 in real 1080i either, as said above better using PCSX2s render.
Alright makes sense now, gonna try 480p but in any cases my rig can do 4x render resolution without too many problems so it should be fine eitherway
Also thanks for the answers Smile
[Image: fd18dd7b4511a368bdd432e6bc449f84.jpg]

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