Gran Turismo 4 - DX Render problem
Quote:hi 2 all!
I the beginner in usage of this emulator, help me please!

My problem consists in these artefacts on the screen ( ) and a braking sound
Here already there was a post about this problem, but have responded in pm.
I use pcsx2-r1888 and plug-ins GSdx 1873 sse2 0.1.15, SPU-X 1.2.0 and USA v01.60 bios (19/03/2002)

Basically I adhered to these customisations at a configuration -
By the way, i have NTSC version of game and artefacts disappear, at usage Software DX, but strongly falls fps..

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Somebody, help Sad
The gran turismo games arent really very compatible with the emulator at the moment, I suggest you use the search future on the forums as there's a big Gran Turismo 4 thread where maybe you can get more help.
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...there are tones of themes already, but OK

First, your CPU is too low... need at least 3.0+GHz for GT4
Secondly, in your settings, change:
In GSdx9 put internal resolution on Native, & interlacing on last in drop down list
In Advance Options put EE & VU to Chop Zero & Extra + Preserve Sign
In emotine engine misc hacks check all three options

When you run game, go to options, then to video options, & set Brightnes to 0...

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