Gran Turismo 4 - FPS (?) problems
Hey there!
First at all, sorry for my bad english.
So.. i tried to make a good config for GT4, and actually it is way better then the original settings, but in a few sitations my fps drooped down, and i dont know what to do to solve this.. when im doing driving, it was ok, not the fastest, but playable, and that is what matter to me.. my fps is down in 'races', and tracks like Costa di Amalfi.. not the whole map, just in a few places of the track. I tried different plugins, different emu settings (like 3-4 hours of testing..) but i still got this problem.
My PC:
Intel Pentium CPU G860 3,00Ghz(dual-core)
Nvidia Geforce GT 630 1GB DDR3
anyway, i dont really care about the resoultion, etc, im played GT1 for years, so it is not a problem to me...Smile
what u think, can i make this game more playable with this PC? thanks for your help!Smile

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Fraid you're at the limits of what your PC can do. This is known to be one of the more difficult games to emulate.
[Image: 2748844.png]
well, thanks anywaySmile
Actually you can play through the game with that pc. Although with some slowdowns, but it´s playable. I would recommend you to try my configuration guide to see what you can achieve.
New Gran Turismo 4 Config+Shader 2017

Intel Core i5 OCed @ 4.00 Ghz - GeForce GTX 970 - 16 GB RAM Crucial Ballistic Sport PC3-16000 - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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