Gran Turismo 4 FoV Calculator PAL & NTSC-U
Hello dear Sim Racers,

Maybe you have already noticed that GT4 has a much too wide FoV and you can hardly estimate sizes and distances correctly. Everything seems much too fast and too small. For many Sim Racers, FoV is not a matter of taste, as there's only one mathematically correct FoV

[Image: ezgif-4-31cda65dd8.gif]

Here comes the remedy. With my tool you can calculate the mathematically correct FoV for the bumper cam. All sizes and distances appear in a 1:1 real world scale afterwards. It's in a similar fashion as the FoV calculator tools for other racing simulations, you can find on the Internet.

My tool works for all screen sizes and for aspect ratios of 
  • Single Screen 1 x 16:9
  • Single Screen 1 x 21:9
  • Single Screen 1 x 32:9
  • Triple Screen 3 x 16:9

Please note, this patch mostly makes sense for steering wheel users who play with the bumper cam and sit directly in front of a large screen. On small screens or when playing with the chase or roof cam, this patch isn't for you.

You have to edit the patch file with your values. Its all explained inside of the file. The example values are from my setup. I'm sitting at a 90 cm distance in front of a 16:9 43" Screen.


Region PAL
Gran Turismo 4 [SCES-51719] 
CRC = 44A61C8F

.pnach   44A61C8F.pnach (Size: 1,4 KB / Downloads: 679)

Region NTSC-U
Gran Turismo 4 [SCUS-97328] 
CRC = 77E61C8A

.pnach   77E61C8A.pnach (Size: 1,39 KB / Downloads: 716)

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Wow, that's so cool, can you do the same with a different game?
Not really, GT4 has most of the functionality already built-in. There's a hidden config menu in GT4 but it's limited to small screen sizes below 27" and it has some other problems, like values not saving or the zoom level that gets overwritten every time you change something. My patch only extends the games built-in capabilities, you can enter real modern display sizes and aspect ratios. You also don't have to do it from scratch at every game start.

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