Gran Turismo 4 GSDX9 Soft vs Hardware
I buight the Gran Turismo 4 SCES 51719 PAL Version.
I use PCSX 2 0.9.6, r783, r791 and r813

I can only start a race if I use Software Rendering on my GSDX 1.14. If I use Hardware Rendering the game crashes always two seconds before the race is starting. Do you know a soloution for me ???

I canĀ“t run ZeroGS 0.9.7, because I always get blue, red, green stripes.

my Plugins and Bios are

Bios Europe 2.0
Gigaherz CD/DVD Plugin 0.7
Lilly Pad 0.9.9
SPU-X 1.1.0
USB null driver 0.5
dev9 null driver 0.3.0
FW null driver 0.4

I use an Intel Core 2 Dou E6400@3,2 Ghz
Asus P5Q-PRO
8GB DDR2 1000 Mhz OCZ CL5
Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS 512

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