Gran Turismo 4 Graphics Bug in OpenGL Mode
Graphics bug occurred when change View Mode. Only happen in OpenGL.

Attached GS DUMP.


.7z   gsdx_20160430161058.7z (Size: 1,51 MB / Downloads: 146)

PC spec:

Windows 10
Intel i5 Haswell
GTX 960
8 GB of RAM


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Do you have the issue in native?
(04-30-2016, 11:23 AM)gregory Wrote: Do you have the issue in native?

Yes, it happen in native too.
First priority is to merge the current PR which seem to solve/impact various game (including GT series). Once done, we could look again at your issue (I didn't manage to reproduce it with your gs dump, so it isn't an easy bug)
I haven't seen the bug in any PCSX2 version either.
Found the issue. it is cause by MSI afterburner running at background. Disabled it and everything ok now. Not pcsx2 issue.

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