Gran Turismo 4 Hardware mode problem
Since the latest beta , only 4 games i cannot run properly , WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth freezes on start , Tony Hawk Project 8 and Proving Grounds have graphical issues and Gran Turismo 4.

So i use the latest possible beta right now PCSX2 0.9.7 with those plugins

[Image: pcsx2appsettingsplugins.png]

i tryed older version as 0.9.6 and 0.9.5 , but the result was the same. I wached youtube videos of people that actually run this game very well on their PC's.
So i have the Gran Turismo 4 (PAL version) , everything is running ok at start , the menus , the config's , its all fine until i actually start raceing. The screen look like this:

[Image: cranturismo4.png]

I swiched to software mode with F9 and the screen goes normal but there is a huge slowdown in the FPS rate and its allmost unplayable and when i swich back to hardware it goes back to the previous state :

[Image: cranturismo.png]

So my question is , how to run the game on hardware mode and play it normal , just like all other games?


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oh nvm.... i didnt notice the other tread where 1 guy showed how to fix this by simply reduce brightness from the menu of the game ... sorry for the tread , you can close it.
i have the exact same problem and the brightness trick doesnt work! Sad
Buy NTSC version ... work better than PAL ! try to set the brightness to 0

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