Gran Turismo 4 - Ingame
Thanks to current WIP, the somewhat famous Gran Turismo 4 goes ingame! Biggrin Expect plenty more to come Ninja
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wow thats freat. i have gt4, i will try later
Ingame? I'd say its fully playable.
At least my NTSC version is Wink

Most problem it has are caused by GSdx, so here's some tips:
Use version 0.1.7 of the plugin.
Set internal resolution to 1024*1024.
Configure the game to use progressive scan 480P
Set the brightness to 0.

I tried a few rounds, and got no hang or crash whatsoever Wink

Also don't mind me not noticing this thread is from 2005, Gizmo_X didn't either Tongue2
You both just failed miserably Tongue
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