Gran Turismo 4 Lighting Glitches
I am experiencing an issue in GT4 where light sources are appearing through solid objects. I find it really distracting on the night races. I've attached some screenshots taken through PCSX2 to demonstrate what I'm talking about. The screenshots were taken in pcsx2-v1.7.0-dev-501-g7a2c94f6e-windows-x86. 

I have tried various PCSX2 builds and this issue always occurs no matter which hardware renderer I select. The GT4 PCSX2 wiki page says the issue is fixed, but the workaround listed to use OpenGL and set blending to High does not resolve the issue for me either. Does anyone have any further suggestions to correct this issue? Thanks in advance.

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Same here, seems like we just cant solve that issue with any of settings and quirks, just have to wait till devs manage to figure out how to make blending more accurate...

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