Gran Turismo 4 (NTSC) Config....
Hi everybody.
I just want to no one thing : for me to play, I need to go options » brightness to 0 and 480p progressive mode in Video output.
In Time Trial the cars fly, good speed, but if i make a single race the game becomes slow. Someone has the same problem and knows how to solve??
Another thing, if I did not choose the mode 480p progressive mode in Video output, the game is much bright and i can bring more brightness or less, or else, everything else is unconfigured.
If someone have the same problem witha solution, please help me.
Thanks to all.

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Can you tell us your PC specifications?
(04-20-2009, 11:32 AM)Schizo Wrote: Can you tell us your PC specifications?

Intel E5200 - Core 2 DUO
Geforce 8800GT TOP 512 GDDR3
Board - P5QC
Mem - 4GB DDR2 1033
I think the problem for you is your 2.5Ghz CPU. With good cooling you can make it go even over 3.5 if you are lucky.
With more cars on a track, there is more to process so the game is slower. I have 2.9Ghz CPU (AMD though) and have the same problem as you.

Also, I think you already asked the same question in approprite thread in appropriete subforum. Opening new threads like this just make this forum unreadable for people who really read it.

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