Gran Turismo 4 [NTSC-J] IB-5 license crash fix
Hello everyone,
Encountered a crash IB-5 license (in gt4 ntsc-j version) and i found a solution.
I use pcsx2 1.6.0 and Gran Turismo 4 [NTSC-J] (SCPS-17001).

Step 1. Necessarily switch EE/IOP and VUs clamping mode to normal, this will prevent crashes on many next licenses, such as IA-3, IA-7. IA-10 etc.

Step 2. Before starting the IB-5, switch the EmotionEngine from Recompiler to Interpreter, the game start working absolutely slow, but now you can run the license, without crash.

Step 3. After the loading is complete you need to switch the EmotionEngine back from Interpreter to Recompiler, the game will start working stably and you can safely complete the license.

This is all, I hope it works not only for me and it will be useful to others.

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