Gran Turismo 4 (NTSC) - Memory Card Problems
Hello, guys. I have a problem after doing the 200 miles of El Capitan to get a prize of Cr. 250,000 and get a Toyota Minolta 88C-V '89, because the memory card can't recognize my saves after doing savestates during the 66 laps' race.
The message that appears in the game is: "A different memory card (PS2) has been inserted. Would you insert the previous memory card (PS2) and retry? Cancel - Ok". If I overwrite the game, my garage data will be deleted. 
Considering there are 2 memory cards and I am not able to change the cars. 
If you ask about my saves, I can reply later. Is there a solution to it?

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Nope, you have diverged the game state from the memory card state, so you have to either choose to never use your memcard again and risk playing entirely on savestates, which we strongly recommend against, or abandon your progress since you last did a memcard save.

GT4 constantly keeps track of the state of the memcard and compares it to the current state of the game. If it detects that one is ahead or behind the other when it shouldn't (e.g. using a savestate to "rewind" back in time before your last memcard save), then it locks you out and refuses to save until the game and memcard states match again, which is basically impossible to accomplish.

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