Gran Turismo 4 (NTSC) WORKS!!!!!
My friends the Gran Turismo 4 works!
I put the settings here that I think more accurate, here they are:

» Graphics: GSdx SSSE3 V0.1.14, select the resolution and selected all they want, less "Wait VSync", this option makes the game slower.
» Controller: LilyPad
» Cdvdrom: P.E.Op.S CDVD V1.3.0
» Sound: P.E.Op.S SPU2 V1.9.0
» Bios: USA V02.00 Console

Then :

» CPU: All check and Normal - All frames are rendered as fast as possible.
» Speed Hacks: Use x2 Cycle Rate. Enable IOP x2 Cycle Rate.
» Advanced options: Default and check in the "Clamp Mode Extra + Perserve Sign (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT).

In game go to screen options and activate the 480p Progressive Mode in Video output, and set brightness to 0.

Thats it. Just that.
Now I wish someone told me that the pages of the authors of the plugins so that I could get the the latest plugins.
I hope I have helped, I also hope that help me.
Good Game for all.

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All said before here:
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