Gran Turismo 4 Patch?
Hi everybody.
I try all over the posts, and i talked with some people , but they can help. What i want is a patch to Gran Turismo 4 that gives a lot of money. Can anyone help me? I make one patch, but dont work. If someone have that patch, or know how to make it, tell me please.

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tell me your crc of the game and i will make a patch for you by that address you now which made by vsub
I give you the CRC, and if you can i kiss you ehehehe. Thanks. Is this = loadElfFile : cdrom0:\SCUS_973.28;1; CRC = 33C6E35E
ok here is the patch but as vsub say it is not tested in your version one thing i am sure the patch written correctly
put in C:\Program Files\Pcsx2\patches this is my ps2 direction so put it in patches folder

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.pnach   33C6E35E.pnach (Size: 134 bytes / Downloads: 4.762)
Then i enable patchs in pcsx2, correct?
yes one thing i forget patch request asked in this page only this is link to the page
I dont no what you mean with this link, but the patch WORKS i have one milion or bilion.
What you want i modify in patch? Tell me that i modify.
By do way, were do you get this codes?
Or if is not asking to much, modify and send to me. The work is yours, if someone ask for that patch, is your WORK.
no patch is done by vsub and me only written it for you just keep it as it and give it to any one as a pnach there is a law evey one ask for a patch write his request in that page
I dont understand what you write, can explain better?
Were do you get this codes?
What you want i modify in patch?
gametitle=XXXXXXXXXXX [SLUS 21358] (U) were i get this codes?
no leave the panch as it was and do not modify any thing in it i got the code from this page
vsub find the codes and i write it to you as a panch i hope that clear

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