Gran Turismo 4 Ratio Issue
I'm having issues with getting my USA copy of Gran Turismo 4 to display correctly in PCSX2.

I've set the BIOS to be 16:9, GS settings to custom 1920x1080, and the in game screen settings to 16:9 and 480p (480p setting reverts back to auto for some reason)

With these settings it squashes the image to be taller. When I change the in game ratio to 4:3 it fixes this and renders everything properly.

The way I can tell is by comparing the loading wheel to youtube videos. Normally it's a perfect circle but in my case it's squashed to be taller.

Is there a setting I've missed that could be causing this?

I followed this guide on setup

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why did you follow this guide ?
why did you use a custom internal resolution ?
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(11-26-2019, 08:24 AM)jesalvein Wrote: why did you follow this guide ?
why did you use a custom internal resolution ?

I get the same result when I use 3x native resolution too but I've just read custom resolutions can lead to issues so I'll leave it on 3x.

I just realised the video I was comparing against might have left it on 4:3 mode because I just checked a couple different sources and the circle seems to be normally a bit taller...

So sorry, this thread could have been entirely avoided... Is there someway I can delete this thread so I don't waste anyone else's time?
Gran Turismo 4 will always Start with video output on Normal(Interlaced) for some reason, the game must be programmed like that. In order that that from happening you have to find Boot with 480p Progressive WS patch, there's one floating around here some where in this forum. That will save you from constantly going into the Settings and changing Normal to 480p every time you the start game.

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