Gran Turismo 4 - Replay files made in PS2 regarded as "Corrupted"
PCSX2 VERSION: v1.7.3338 (Nightly Qt) (also happened in v1.6.0 (Stable), but I no longer use it)

I'm having trouble with opening/playing Gran Turismo 4 replay files that were made on a PS2 in the emu. In the emulator, the game said that the file is corrupted (BIOS Browser doesnt display the file as corrupted)

What I did:
1. In PS2, save a Replay file into the Memory Card (through menu in Pre-race/Post-race screen)
2. Restart the console, go into uLaunchELF
3. Copy the replay file from MC to USB Drive (psuPaste when pasting, creates .psu files)
4. Unplug USB from PS2, plug into PC
5. Use MyMC to import the Replay file into a .ps2 memory card file
6. Open PCSX2, run Gran Turismo 4
7. Open the in-game Replay Theater, and attempt to play a Replay that was from PS2

What happens:
After loading the file, the game throws an error message saying "Data is Corrupted". Nothing else happens, game still functioning (no crash, etc.) - Video recording attached

What should have happened:
The game playing said replay file

Does it just not work yet? Did I do anything wrong? I looked up this error in this forum and the interwebs but I found nothing similar.

Keep in mind:
- I'm using the exact same version of the game in both PS2 and PCSX2 (I'm running the game in PS2 thru a homebrew software that reads game ISOs from USB Drives) (I still have my GT4 disc, but i dont trust my laser anymore)
- I'm also using the exact same BIOS in both devices (I dumped my PS2's BIOS using F0bes' biosdrain (from github) then threw it into PCSX2)

Bonus error:
Compared to Replay files, Film files from PS2 are openable but shows blurry results. out of topic and not important but interesting for me.

Attached Files
.zip   Gt4 Replay Error (Size: 1,83 MB / Downloads: 33)

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any reason why you're using such an old version ?
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(11-25-2022, 01:25 PM)jesalvein Wrote: any reason why you're using such an old version ?

Not really, I thought it's relatively recent, but yeah I'll try latest nightly.

EDIT: Tried latest nightly, absolutely nothing changed results wise. Also Im using AVX2 version

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