Gran Turismo 4 USA NTSC
Hi, first wow well done at version 1.0 pcsx2, runs so well.

My system is:
core 2 duo e8400 overclocked to 3.6Ghz
4gb ddr2-800
GTS 250 512mb

now Gran Turismo runs fine, framerate is very good (can hit 60fps vsync on with 1024x1024 internal resolution) and completely playable, no major graphical glitches at all,


my problem is sometimes the game jerks moderately a few times, especially just before the race starts, and during the race it sometimes jerks too, but usually not so bad.

What is up with that? what should my settings be?

I've tried relocating the iso I made from my orig dvd thinking maybe it was a hard drive issue but that didn't change anything.

Any help much appreciated.

Thank you.

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If you mean that momentary slowdown when displaying the car from three different angles during the 3, 2, 1 countdown, it happens in GT3 too. It's just like if the emu has a hard time figuring out where the next camera angle will be.
My workaround is hitting F9 to change to software mode during the countdown, then as soon as the inner view is shown and the camera will change no longer, I hit F9 again. Somehow, the jerking doesn't happen when in software mode (even if the speed is much slower).
As for some momentary mid-race jerking, try to check if it happens right when the game is changing song tracks. I have this very qucik barely noticeable 1 frame halt when the game does this.
Nothing to do with the camera angle. The transition effects do some crazy stuff and it causes gsdx to go in to major memory hogging mode, there isnt a lot you can do about it apart from use native res and allow 8 bit textures, or do as above.
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I find the F9 key thing faster to do, as it's just a couple of seconds (literally!)

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