Gran Turismo 4 and pcsx 2 0.9.8
Hi all.
I got gran turismo 4 and i made iso of it, but i can't make it work good on my pc
cpu: i5 2500k 4.0ghz
vga: Radeon HD 6870
(i think that's enough to know)
The plug-in that i use makes the game with all colored textures strange etc. on hardware setting
if i set software, it goes good but get low fps (around 45)
I tried a lot of different plug-ins and i keep trying right now...
Is there some plug-in recomended for that game?I saw the gsdx 1285 sse4.1, works good, but i can't find it on download...

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Try setting the brightness to 0 in Options. That should help.

You should use only GSDX r4600 SSE4.1.

Also, Grand Tourismo is very demanding. Try getting the r4878 SVN Version : PCSX2 SVN

Remember to use MTVU speedhacks or EE Cyclerate if necessary. This is very demanding game but your PC is fine to handle it.
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Where is the brightness setting exactely?
anyway, is this plug in ok?
[Image: 27175170.png]
In the Game Options / ingame settings.
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
Thank you a lot, that worked, now the game is ok, but i get around 50fps and the sound is laggy..
How to increase the framerate?
Grand Tourismo is very demanding. Heavy Slowdown is there in High End PC also. Try getting the r4878 SVN Version : PCSX2 SVN

Remember to use MTVU speedhacks and EE Cyclerate to 3. Also use Enable INTC Spin Detection, Wait Idle Loop and, mVU flag hack.

Also, change the Windows Power Plan to High Performance. Also, try using the Clamp Modes to None and Round Modes to nearest in both EE/VU Section.

For Sound, Try changing the Interpolation.
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EE arpound 70%
GS around 30
I found out that the little slow down of 5fps was only in one map, and in the others goes good with 60-61 fps
very good i would say.
Anyway, i tried after applying your tips, and i have to say it works better, now i'm gonna get the plug-in you said and let you know
Thank you very much for the big help
i will try increasing the resolution
Hope I was useful. Welcome. Smile
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Hmm just one question, how can i increase the resolution and anti aliasing?
[Image: 412341234.png]
you see in that screen, EE and GS are not so high, so i think i can increase the resolution in game, how to?
You are right that in that screen EE/GS is not high because you have paused the game. What happens when you are in the race.

You can increase Resolution through GSDX Internal Resolution. It will help get you a bit more detail of graphics but may lead to slowdown. Try 2x Native.

Using GSDX Hardware Anti-Aliasing, may leads to crashes in this game. therefore, I would not have reccomended it. But, here's how, Open GSDX.ini (in the Inis Folder where you have installed pcsx2 or in My Documents)

Add the line

GSDX.ini Wrote:allowhacks=1

And while configuring GSDx just set the AA you want.
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