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Gran Turismo 4 messed up Memcard
Hello! Yesterday I've been coming back on GT4. I started to use the memcard normally, when I just loaded a savestate (which was further in the game progression) because I forgot that I had to choice either my memcard, either my savestate. 
The problem now is that when I try to save my game with savestate loaded, it says "The memory card (PS2) in the slot for the MEMORY CARD N°1 has been replaced. Starting the auto-save? Cancel - Ok" 
Then when I press Ok, "A different memory card (PS2) has been inserted. Would you insert the previous memory card (PS2) and retry? Cancel - Ok"
If I press Ok, it comes back to step 1. If I press cancel, it asks me to create a new game save and I just keep the car I'm driving.
I can't get on using savestates because you're obligated to use memcards to swap cars. I now have 3 memcards and I could backup the one I just replaced, sooo I don't know if there's a solve for this. I genuinely don't want to restart the whole game as I've done many things (a lot of special cars, gold medals, ...)
Notice that there's an option to "trade" cards and rebuy them from another memory card, but when I try to do that, there's only the car I'm driving that pops up or either it says that the data's corrupted.
The 3 memcards are formated.
I use the PAL Version

Here are my specs:
i5 - 4460
GTX 960 Gaming MSi 4gb
16gb ram hyperx fury
1to seagate barracuda
settings: check screens (version 1.5.0, I'll update it after I solved the problem)
Thank you for helping me! Blush 

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Best would be to start your game and load from memcard Instead of using savestate.
Savestate will messup with real save system
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Yes indeed. Unless someone knows how to solve this accurate problem, I gotta restart the game :/ I'll see if it's worth the time or not
Thanks! Smile
Nope. Once GT4 gets into this state, it is stuck, best I can tell. It won't want to recognize your memcard no matter what you do because the game's information in RAM has diverged from that on the memcard. You can load normally from whatever is currently on your memcard, but that savestate will never be able to interact with your memcard again.
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