Gran Turismo 4 micro-lag/stuttering
Had a hankering for some GT3/4 and decided to finally get them to run well on my PC after having pcsx2 installed for at least a year. Runs fantastic minus micro-lag and stuttering while racing, or all the time at an interval with OpenGL.

Current settings:
-EE clamping full
-VU clamping extra+preserve sign
-MTVU hack
-bob ttf
-8 bit textures enabled
-2-3x resolution
-Mipmaping auto
-CRC full
-Blending none
-Align sprite and proper coordinates

Also running Windows 10, i5-7600, GTX 1080ti, 16gb ram. Tried originally on 1.4.0 and then 1.5.0. Only tried OpenGL on 1.5 and had a very annoying stutter every few seconds, even in the menus. My main annoyance is towards the end of a race or after passing AI, the game starts to stutter or lag randomly, speed is still around 100% and ~59-60fps. Don't know if it's just my CPU not being able to catch up or just GT4 being itself; it's manageable but can get irritating. Thanks in advance!

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