Gran Turismo 4 not working...
So, I found this emulator, went to my uncle's, borrowed his PS2 and Gran Turismo 4, dumped BIOS and started... All that I got was this:    
It wouldn't go any further...

Then I did ************** and ran it... It got me to main menu which was sometimes missing a few first letters from a word or only one letter.    

I managed to buy a car and go to my first race, but this was all I got...    

Then I tried to open the orig one and load game, but it said no save was found and I'm stuck... I can't open the orig DVD or the ISO image...
These are my graphics settings:    

My PC specs are:
AMD Athlon X2 2,66GHz
Radeon HD4650 512MB
If you need anything else, just say and I'll write it...

EDIT: I also tried 4 or 5 different combination of settings and DX's... Didn't help either. My GPU is compatible with DX10 and lower.

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At the garbage screen, press the "Start" button on the pad, then Screen Settings, then set Brightness to 0.
It helped. But when the car arrives to the starting line and when I should take over the controls this happens...    

Got rid of that too somehow... Now I only need to speed it up. Laugh

Also, why can't I run the original disc, but I can run the ISO image from the Internet?

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