Gran Turismo 4 ntsc
Hey guys, im rly big fun of GT series but there is no threads (or i just cant find them) on this forum about it, so i decide to make one ;p Anw i would like to ask few question about it, i mean about runing it on pcsx2 emu.

First thing is that im using 0.9.7 beta, and im must say that game is running pretty awesome especialy compering it to some older versions of the emu, i got nice 50-60 fps most of the time.

Im using a GSDX 10/11 with native res and here comes the first problem, although the game runs smooth (in 1008i mode) but there are some bad frezzes (both video and sound stops) for smt like half of the second, especialy on the replays ;/ that not making the game unplayable but its kinda annoying, it happends only when i play gt4 (works fine with other games), and only on gsdx plugin (im using always the latest revs of it, and i cant play on zerogs plugins coz of rly low fps rate on them;/ ).

Next problem is that GT4 is running and looks much better in progressive or hd modes ;p but the thing is when im using one of this modes im loosing many nice graphics effects like shinny sky, some other lighting effects on the cars/tracks, and screen is pretty dark ;/ when im trying to play in normal mode the game looks much better coz of that effects but the rez of the screen is so low and pixels are just killing my eyes ;p i cant use the d3d ench rez coz of my low-end graphic card ;/

So well this is it, im rly want to thanks for this great job that u guys doing with this whole emu thing, and if any body have some ideas for fixing that 2 problems with gt4 i will be really glad to hear them ;p

PS: about my pcsx config well i think i try every possible configuration but that two problems are always the same freezes and missing effects ;/

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Did you try the Search function of forum?

Thread is so big:

AMD FX-8350
4x 4GB DDR3 2400MHz
AMD Radeon R9 Fury X
Yep i try the search function, and i had to miss that topic ;p anw there is nothing about my issues, but i found that this problems are gsdx related, so i dont think there is anything that i can do about them, except w8ing till devs fix it ;/ thx anw ;d

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